race compiling problem

From: lijster op planet (lijster1@planet.nl)
Date: 03/22/02

I know this is WTFAW matter, but still I have a problem with adding races.
I have tried numerous times, but it just won't work.

I'm currently using circle30bpl20 win98 platform , borland c++ 5.01

I've followed the complete procedure as described by Amerak on http://www.tucker-usa.com/users/tterz/races.txt.

When I compile using make -fmakefile.bcc command I get the message:
error structs.h  multiple declaration for sbyte
earlier declaration for sbyte
declaration missing

then after 26 complie errors alias.obj is deleted

Is this because something I did wrong changing the makefile.bcc?

I'm sure I followed the right procedure, I tried several codes to implment new races.

If anyone can give me some pointers or updated race code it would be highly appreciated.

friendly greets.

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