Re: [NEWBIEish][CODE][LONG] defining racial size

From: Owen Brodal-Robertson (
Date: 03/23/02

Well, I've somehow managed to fix the bug by pwiping.
(Again, no I'm not that big a newbie) and have also
implemented another variable containing racial_alignment.

Thanks for all your responses, I'll answer questions from
the last 2 posts I recieved...

1. I set the racial size at roll_real_abils as that's where
   racial modifiers are set and where I want all of my
   racial variations to be implemented. A race's size does
   not change for each rolled character.

2. Nice idea with the defining sizes using races,
   unfortunately several races are the same size so I can't
   use skill calculations based on race, they must be on size.

For those who are interested, my MUD will be a full pkill
racewars game, similar to that of Duris, I've already
implemented a racewar frag system (Shamelessly taken from the
system used at Duris as well - all my own code, I just used
their Idea), and have racial innate abilities and fully
functioning racial size code (now that I've got it working,
I'll post the snippet as soon as I have a chance to get a
working internet connection at home).

Anyway, thanks for all your advice!

NB: I just noticed after reading a do_stat I had logged, the
implementor's size stays at Microsocopic (0).. however players
are created with correct size defines set... not a major bug
but something I'll post the solution to after I work out
what's causing it.



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