[AD?] New Java version of CircleMUD

From: Shay (shay@highstyleweb.com)
Date: 03/23/02

Hey all.

So I luv'd CircleMUD so much I decided to write a Java version of it.  I
luv Java too.. ;)
I've taken the code for Circle, and converted alot of it into Java.  The
backbone I wrote
myself since things work differently between the 2.  Each player has there
own interactive
thread so theres no lag time because of more players, just because the
server is too
small/slow.. :P

I've put it up on SourceForge, http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/icemud,
if anyone
is interested.  Its buggy, and not finished yet, but I'm working on
it.  It's also extremely
well commented..  NOT..   I do have quite a few thigns done, but still lots
more to do..
Below is my changelist that will be submitted on Sunday with the latest build.

Anyways, I'd luv it if some of you would take a look and try it
out..   Remember that it is
buggy, and only in its Alpha stage, but comments would be greatly welcome.

I haven't put up a server myself, but probably will soon.  If anyone wants
to puts one up
drop me a note..  still buggy though.. did I mention that?  ;)


March 24th, 2002
        Added: Hit (Yes that means you can now attack mobs!)
                   Updated Look to be more accurate
                   Added Put
                   Improved Get, Drop and Give to be more accurate
                   and use .'s
                   Implemented system wide Item .'s
                   Added who, whoami, clear and cls.
                   Added Classes & Races
                   Added title derived from class

March 17th, 2002
        Added: Socials, at, trans
                         Gossip, Holler, Shout, Grats & Auction channels
                         Specials: Bank, Janitor, Dump

March 10th, 2002
        Added: Toggles & Prompt
                         Buy, Sell, Value and List
                         VNum and Load
                         Sit, Stand, Rest, Sleep and Wake

                         Note that all commands will atleast do something, but some will not
really affect anything.
                         Toggles for example can be toggled, but are inoperative.

March 4th, 2002
        First release of alpha. Lots of bugs and few features, but more to come.

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