Re: [AD?] New Java version of CircleMUD

From: George Greer (
Date: 03/27/02

On Wed, 27 Mar 2002, shay wrote:

>But in most cases I really like Java's Garbage Collection, and not having
>to find every single little memory leak that my C/C++ code might have..

If Perl had optional strict types and a compiler, I'd be using it almost
all the time.  And as far as compiler goes, I mean "make sure this isn't
going to dump at run-time because of something minor", not really because
of making a binary.  I sometimes find myself doing:

        $q-p('An HTML <p> tag using the CGI module.');
instead of:
        $q->p('An HTML <p> tag using the CGI module.');

and suddenly my CGI dies at run-time trying to do a subtraction (and the
'perl -c' doesn't catch it). Argh!  It'd be difficult to find a balance in
Perl's dynamic nature and such static tests, but it'd be better than now.

George Greer

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