[newbie] abilities restriction

From: James Slate (ogodei@carolina.rr.com)
Date: 03/27/02

I am using 30bpl17.
I've added "+2" , "+3", etc to the abilities table in class.c.
for example in:

I've added...
ch->real_abils.intel = table[0] +=3;

and so forth.  My aim is to add the possibility of abilities beyond 18 for
certain characteristics based on class.  That is, instead of giving
an ogre +3 strength for its race, I want to give the *warrior class* a +3
for strength and so forth.  In this scenario a thief might roll an 18DEX
get a +3 bonus and thus receive in total 21DEX.

Anyway, all of this works well until the new player wears or wields
anything.  At that point all stats revert to *no more than* 18 in any
given characteristic. Is there a way(s) to overcome this restriction?
If so, what is the best solution?

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