Re: [NEWBIE]races

From: lijster op planet (
Date: 03/23/02

>> If you follow the WTFAQ on races in detail you'll notice that you have
> >to change things in structs.h and some other files that don't even
> >seem to be there anymore in circle30bpl20

>Look again.  structs.h is definitely there.  If it's not, you've removed
>it or received a bad/corrupt archive and should download the source code
>again from

hehe, what I actually meant was that some code, example #define bush --> and
put  #define george directly under it is not present anymore in the latest
version of circlemud.

You are right of course, but I can tell you that I have done alot of
research work and read alot of mailling lists out there, read the faq's
multiple times and such. Hours on end, like everybody out here, searching
for the right answer.

But the only thing I'd really like right now is to have the "races" entries
for makefile.bcc. That's truly the only thing, if I have this then I can
I just need to know how borland c++ handles this.

Thanks for your advise though, it's appreciated.

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