From: lijster op planet (lijster1@planet.nl)
Date: 03/23/02

I'm currently trying to implement races as defined in the wtfaq and various other race snippet sources, but it doesn't seem to work properly with circle30bpl20 win 98 borland c++(make -fmakefile.bcc)
Alot of patches and snippets seem to assume that you are using msvc.

I don't really know how to change my makefile properly so that all the *.o files become *.obj and so that the flags are changed properly to borland c++.

If you follow the WTFAQ on races in detail you'll notice that you have to change things in structs.h and some other files that don't even seem to be there anymore in circle30bpl20
Can anyone give me or direct me to a race snippet adjusted for bpl20 with borland 5.01 c++? Or maybe it is just me who does things wrong of course.

Is it perhaps better if I download an older version of circle, like bpl17 or bpl16?

I'm eagerly looking forward to some advice.

Friendly greets,

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