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From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 03/23/02

On Sun, 24 Mar 2002, lijster op planet wrote:

> Alot of patches and snippets seem to assume that you are using msvc.

Some assume that you're using the One True OS (UNIX/Linux)[1]; I doubt
more than a very few assume MSVC, although some Windows-specific patches
might.  I doubt it.  The Makefile rules you are inquiring are for those
running UNIX/Linux.  See in the CircleMUD distribution for a
handful of others to compare with.  The syntactical differences should be
very easy to compensate for once you know them.  If you're not interested
in knowing them, you can try copying entries already in Makefile.bcc and
just changing the names as appropriate or, better, consulting the Borland

> If you follow the WTFAQ on races in detail you'll notice that you have
> to change things in structs.h and some other files that don't even
> seem to be there anymore in circle30bpl20

Look again.  structs.h is definitely there.  If it's not, you've removed
it or received a bad/corrupt archive and should download the source code
again from

> Can anyone give me or direct me to a race snippet adjusted for bpl20
> with borland 5.01 c++?

The answer is probably no.  Most of the time, the answer (if you get any)
to a question like this ("Can someone do X for me?" or "Can someone give
me X?") will be a resounding no, especially if it appears you haven't
tried doing the work for yourself.  Please take note that this list is not
here to do things for you.  This is not to discourage you from using it as
a resource when you need (on topic) help, but, instead, to have you more
carefully consider when you need help and what kind of help you need.


[1] Linux technically is only a "UNIX-like" OS, but you get the idea.

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