Re: Problems with the Poll.patch

From: Welcor (
Date: 03/24/02

From: "Kevin Dethlefs" <Demortes@MSN.COM>
> According to syslog and your log positions....
> log("setup_new_poll: Starting setup of poll #%d", polls_top);
>   polls_index[polls_top].number = pollnum;
> is the prob.

I'm afraid your polls_index isn't set up right. If you get
a SegFault in that line, it's because polls_top is either
less than zero, or above the range for polls_index.

What did it log ?

I'm quite sure this is related to the loading problem, since, in
a part of the patch (I had to look for myself [1]) it says:

+  case DB_BOOT_POLLS:
+    CREATE(polls_index, struct polls_data, rec_count+1);
+    polls_top = rec_count - 1;
+    break;

And, if you can't read the file, it will set polls_top to -1.

I must assume you've followed the patch step by step.
> remember that I had problems with my index directory.... the double slash
> deal and so on. Now what?

Make sure your define in db.h looks like this:

#define PLS_PREFIX      LIB_TEXT"polls"SLASH /* For polls files  */

And make sure the file



[1] a simple link would have done it :

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