From: Karl Phender (implementor@alienmud.cjb.net)
Date: 03/31/02


Torgny Bjers  Wrote:

> > There is a long time I am seeking in the ftp site for a snippet that
tells me
> > how to doing with that appears the bar of the enemies' energy while the
> > players struggle, but I don't get to find.
> >
> > Could somene tell me at least the name of the archive?
> developer.circlemud.org/contrib/code/utils/
> meterbar.txt
> meterbar2.txt
> Two different versions of it.

    The meterbar snippet says how to make to bar graph of point scales to
mana, hit and movement in the "Score" command.
 However, what I need it is that during the fight with a mob the player sees
the energy of the mob being reduced to each one or two blows that the player
gives in the mob during the fight.

 Could someone help me?


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