CircleMUD 3.0bpl21 Released!

From: Alex (
Date: 04/01/02

We're pleased to announce that beta patch level 21 was released earlier
this morning and is now available on the CircleMUD FTP site.

New in this beta is fully completed documentation (except for that pesky
coding.doc file) in postscript, html, and text.  The LaTeX source for all
of the documentation is also included.  Finally, for camera ready files,
all of the pdf files are available from the CircleMUD webpages.

One of the things that we are proudest of in this release is full support
for the DOS operating system.  As such, we renamed all files to suit the
8.3 conventions of this Microsoft OS.  This operating system does require
a TCP stack however, and one is available for download at:

With this release, we have also split the player files off from the
current scheme used.  Instead of storing the files on the basic system, we
have used the new libraries that Microsoft has released in order to
support the 'Passport' (tm) system.  This allows you to create a player on
one CircleMUD and then log that player into any other CircleMUD using the
same userid and password.  One current bug with this system is that your
equipment is not yet carried over, but we hope to have that fixed with the
next patch level release.

Finally, thanks to the support and assistance of some of our friends in
the LPMud world, CircleMUD has a new command parser.  This new parser is a
full Natural Language Parser, and is the result of the PhD thesis of
Mikeal Eriksson of the University of DIKU (funny how things all roll
around together, isn't it?).  Due to this new parser, the command
interpreter henceforth requires users to type in complete, grammatical
sentences (replete with punctuation).  For this patch level however, we
have still left the oldstyle parser available for usage, with a simple
#define in config.c. However, we do not expect any problems with this new
requirement from users.  Players of text games are inherently literate
and, from our research, prefer to type in complete sentences, only
defaulting to broken Mud-speak like 'kill ras' only after discovering, 'I
swing my sword very hard at Ras, intending to do him serious bodily harm,'
is unsupported.

-The CircleMUD Development Team

P.S. If you see dak or Jeremy in person, wish them congratz... rumour has
     it that the time that they have been spending together of late is for
     a special lifelong reason... :)

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