Re: CircleMUD 3.0bpl21 Released!

From: krenshala (
Date: 03/31/02

On Mon, Apr 01, 2002 at 07:43:03AM -0500, Alex was heard to say:

> We're pleased to announce that beta patch level 21 was released earlier
> this morning and is now available on the CircleMUD FTP site.
> New in this beta is fully completed documentation (except for that pesky
> coding.doc file) in postscript, html, and text.  The LaTeX source for all
> of the documentation is also included.  Finally, for camera ready files,
> all of the pdf files are available from the CircleMUD webpages.
> One of the things that we are proudest of in this release is full support
> for the DOS operating system.  As such, we renamed all files to suit the
> 8.3 conventions of this Microsoft OS.  This operating system does require
> a TCP stack however, and one is available for download at:

Finally!  It's about time you got a version of Circle that will run
properly on my Win3.1 box! (I only use Windows for the MS Mail, though
so most of my apps are DOS based.)

> With this release, we have also split the player files off from the
> current scheme used.  Instead of storing the files on the basic system, we
> have used the new libraries that Microsoft has released in order to
> support the 'Passport' (tm) system.  This allows you to create a player on
> one CircleMUD and then log that player into any other CircleMUD using the
> same userid and password.  One current bug with this system is that your
> equipment is not yet carried over, but we hope to have that fixed with the
> next patch level release.
> Finally, thanks to the support and assistance of some of our friends in
> the LPMud world, CircleMUD has a new command parser.  This new parser is a
> full Natural Language Parser, and is the result of the PhD thesis of
> Mikeal Eriksson of the University of DIKU (funny how things all roll
> around together, isn't it?).  Due to this new parser, the command
> interpreter henceforth requires users to type in complete, grammatical
> sentences (replete with punctuation).  For this patch level however, we
> have still left the oldstyle parser available for usage, with a simple
> #define in config.c. However, we do not expect any problems with this new
> requirement from users.  Players of text games are inherently literate
> and, from our research, prefer to type in complete sentences, only
> defaulting to broken Mud-speak like 'kill ras' only after discovering, 'I
> swing my sword very hard at Ras, intending to do him serious bodily harm,'
> is unsupported.

My only question is whether you have gotten the bugs worked out of the
Do-What-I-Mean (DWIM) protocol I've been bugging you to add.  Well? Have

>     circle30bpl21.tar.bz2
>     circle30bpl21.tar.gz
>     patch.pl20-pl21
>     patch.pl20-pl21.bz2
>     patch.pl20-pl21.gz
> Regards,
> -The CircleMUD Development Team

Sweet!  Time to clog my 2400 baud dial-up connection! =)

> P.S. If you see dak or Jeremy in person, wish them congratz... rumour has
>      it that the time that they have been spending together of late is for
>      a special lifelong reason... :)



Larry Robinson

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