Re: Languages, HELP!

From: Lars (
Date: 04/03/02

>>I used to play on some-mud, not circle based, that had an excelent
>>language routine built in.
>Armageddon had a good set of routines for this... racial languages, and a
>couple of class languages too (loosely based on the Dark Sun world).
>But everyone has a common language, and if you have a high enough
>intelligence and pay attention for long enough, you can learn other
Set them up as a skill to be learned... everyone speaks a command lang
(ie:   say <message>) and you could possibly have a separate command
(ie:   lsay <message>) to speak in tongue.  That way, other races have
the ability to "learn" a language.  It wouldn't be terribly hard to set
it up FFX style where some letters will scramble, and some won't based
on the level you have learned the language.  Or if they fail it spits
out a garbled jumble of words.

On my mud, I removed the guilds and mobs can teach individual
spells/skills/languages, so it makes it more RP-like to have an elven
teacher teach you the elven language, rather than your warrior's guild
teaching all languages for all warriors.

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