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Date: 04/04/02

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> In fight.c you can add a statement in do_die . . or add another
> function to
> check experience everytime you die. . either way . ..
> GET_EXP(ch)=GET_EXP(ch)*0.95;    //causes player to lose 5% of
>                                  //experience
> if(GET_EXP(ch)<level_exp(GET_CLASS(ch), GET_LEVEL(ch)-1)) {
>   GET_LEVEL(ch)=GET_LEVEL(ch)-1;    //causes them to lose 1 level
> }
> Hope that helps. . .
> --Josh--

Each time they lose a level, then regain a level they will get practices,
hits, mana and moves again.

        1. Joe creates a char gets it to level 2 (gaining some hp some mana some
mv some practices)
      2. Then Joe gets the char killed several times to lose a level.
      3. Joe regains level 2 (gaining more hp more mana more mv more
      4. goto step 2 and repeat how much you want.

        After mass deaths and level gains Joe has a level 2 character with stats
to rival a Immortal!
        (this is an extreme example but can you see what I mean)

So unless this is what you want you need to make sure they haven't already
been the level they are

So (mailer code!) as an additoin to your code :)


change one of the spares in player_special_data_saved to

        int levels_gained;

in utils.h add somewhere


in class.c in advance_level near the beginning of the function

  /* check to see if they have already been this level */
    /* they have well return out so they dont gain hp mp mv pracs :) */
    /* we let them gain so we need to update gained levels :) */

you will need to set GET_GAINED_LEVELS to 0 on creation of a new character
also possible problems with do_advance if you demote a character

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