Re: Lossing levels when dieing?

From: Lars (
Date: 04/04/02

or... in void die(struct char_data *ch) you could do this...

use the same switch that is used for gaining mana/hit/move/pracs to
subtract mana/hit/move/pracs... then they will lose stats at the same
rate/formula you implemented for them to gain stats.  Nothing extra to
save, no special checks to worry about... and they will have roughly the
same stats they had before they died when they gain the level(s) back.

>Each time they lose a level, then regain a level they will get practices,
>hits, mana and moves again.
>        1. Joe creates a char gets it to level 2 (gaining some hp some mana some
>mv some practices)
>      2. Then Joe gets the char killed several times to lose a level.
>      3. Joe regains level 2 (gaining more hp more mana more mv more
>      4. goto step 2 and repeat how much you want.
>        After mass deaths and level gains Joe has a level 2 character with stats
>to rival a Immortal!
>        (this is an extreme example but can you see what I mean)
>So unless this is what you want you need to make sure they haven't already
>been the level they are

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