Re: Lossing levels when dieing?

From: Lars (
Date: 04/04/02

Well, in regards to that... if the player has already pracced a
skill/spell, and loses a level or two dying, and they are at a level
below what is required to know it, the chance of succeeding it will be
(on mine), 5% lower for every level off they are.  I'm not sure there's
much of a difference if they already know the spell/skill, between
subracting pracs and giving them again when they die, or just lowering
the level and disallowing pracs until they were at the previous level.
 A matter of preference that really except you would probably need an
extra flag to let the mud know the player lost a level, and remove the
flag when they are returned to their previous level;  possibly an spare
entry for old_level if they lose more than one level...


Edward Ginis wrote:

>I am not sure if this method will work, because what if the player has
>already used the pracs given to him/her.  Would you also take away their
>skills? I think the method of disallowing the player to attain any more
>stats/pracs after a level has already been achived is a safer method.
>Quoting Lars <>:
>>or... in void die(struct char_data *ch) you could do this...
>>use the same switch that is used for gaining mana/hit/move/pracs to
>>subtract mana/hit/move/pracs... then they will lose stats at the same
>>rate/formula you implemented for them to gain stats.  Nothing extra to
>>save, no special checks to worry about... and they will have roughly the
>>same stats they had before they died when they gain the level(s) back.

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