Re: Lossing levels when dieing?

From: Jeremy Wheeler (
Date: 04/04/02

> > >Each time they lose a level, then regain a level they will get
> > >hits, mana and moves again.

> > or... in void die(struct char_data *ch) you could do this...
> >
> > use the same switch that is used for gaining mana/hit/move/pracs to
> > subtract mana/hit/move/pracs... then they will lose stats at the same
> > rate/formula you implemented for them to gain stats.  Nothing extra to
> > save, no special checks to worry about... and they will have roughly the
> > same stats they had before they died when they gain the level(s) back.

> I am not sure if this method will work, because what if the player has
> already used the pracs given to him/her.  Would you also take away their
> skills? I think the method of disallowing the player to attain any more
> stats/pracs after a level has already been achived is a safer method.

I wouldn't take away the skill, just give negative pracs.  That way the
are kept (eliminating THAT headache), but they cannot practice anything
more until they level up again...which will put their pracs back to what
they originally were.

I think it depends on how your mud is run.  If the only way you can get
more stats is through pracs, then just give negative pracs/etc.  When they
re-level up, they'll get exactly the same pracs/etc that they lost when
Granted, there are items that can raise those stats, but gaining one prac
is minor compared to gaining 6 or 7 pracs.

Another idea is to lose one more prac then you would gain, just in case
of item manipulation.  In some cases it will be detrimental instead, but
isn't the object to NOT die when fighting?  This will eliminate the
power-gamers who try to abuse the system for their own benefit.

Jeremy Wheeler

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