Re: [OLC] can anyone help me make this work

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 04/08/02

--- Ronald Fenner <> wrote:
> another other option if you guys don't want to have to type save all
> the
> time is to hard code the save_to_disk function into the quit code of
> the
> editor(s). have it save internally then call the save to disk and
> that
> wil prevent you from having to save anything manually.

Actually, I don't prefer this myself, since some builders quit
the editor to take a look at the results, before re-entering to
make minor adjustments. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with doing
this, I just think that the save_to_disk function should be called
I have no idea for sure, but wouldn't fwrite lag the MUD if called
at the exact same time from two different people exiting OLC?

-Shane P. Lee

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