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Date: 04/08/02

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> I have no idea for sure, but wouldn't fwrite lag the MUD if called
> at the exact same time from two different people exiting OLC?

Unless you restructured the core loop to be threaded, there's no such
thing as 'exact same time'. Every connection is handled seperately, and
the second call to the save functions will not be processed before the
first descriptors' input is finished - ie. before the save processes have
completed. So, in a sense, _every_ call to the save functions lag the mud
a bit. Having the olc automatically save after editing is a tradeoff:
"Do I wish to make sure my builders' work is saved, in case of a system
crash, or do I wish to limit the save lag."
Until a system with multiple backups[1] is deviced, saving every action
right away will make your builders less frustrated.


[1] The cryptic term 'multiple backups' refers to the situation where
    a builder would be able to take snapshots of an area, and restore
    any specific old one over the currently area.
    A backup/restore thingy.

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