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From: Kras Kresh (
Date: 04/08/02

>From: Edward J Glamkowski <eglamkowski@ANGELFIRE.COM>
>Subject: [CIRCLE] poll
>Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 14:02:55 -0400
>Which method do you use for breaking the 32 flag bitvector limit?
>1) I don't
>2) 128-bit patch
>3) bitfields
>4) AFF2_ bitvector (and AFF_3, etc.)
>5) something else
>Basically, I ask because I did the bitfields.3bpl17.src thing on the
>ftp site and wonder if it would be worthwhile to do more stuff with
>it (like update to bpl20 (trivial) and integrate it with OLC or
>DG events or the like (not so trivial)).  If nobody is using it
>I won't bother, but otherwise I might.
>I do suspect, however, it doesn't get much use cause it doesn't have
>integration with Oasis and DG whereas other systems do, or are at
>least easier to integrate.

I used the 128-bit patch.. or rather, a portion of it.
I only added for whatever I actually needed more flag space for.
I only made it 64-bit seeing that I don't think I'll ever need 128.
It's not all that hard to convert anyway.

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