From: Edward J Glamkowski (eglamkowski@angelfire.com)
Date: 04/08/02

Which method do you use for breaking the 32 flag bitvector limit?

1) I don't
2) 128-bit patch
3) bitfields
4) AFF2_ bitvector (and AFF_3, etc.)
5) something else

Basically, I ask because I did the bitfields.3bpl17.src thing on the
ftp site and wonder if it would be worthwhile to do more stuff with
it (like update to bpl20 (trivial) and integrate it with OLC or
DG events or the like (not so trivial)).  If nobody is using it
I won't bother, but otherwise I might.

I do suspect, however, it doesn't get much use cause it doesn't have
integration with Oasis and DG whereas other systems do, or are at
least easier to integrate.


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