Re: poll

From: Ronald Fenner (
Date: 04/09/02

On Monday, April 8, 2002, at 01:02 PM, Edward J Glamkowski wrote:

> Which method do you use for breaking the 32 flag bitvector limit?
> 1) I don't
> 2) 128-bit patch
> 3) bitfields
> 4) AFF2_ bitvector (and AFF_3, etc.)
> 5) something else
I've used the 128 bit code before but it was modified to support
variable bits passed through the use of functions and it made sure the
bit wasn't outside the array.  If i remember right you'll notice that if
you are not careful with the macros in that patch you could pass it a
bit outside of the array causing bad things to happen.
I do believe Henrik posted something a few months back on using
bitvectors with C with out having to modify the code you might look at
that as i'm fixing to look it over as i need to expand them myself.

Hey George maybe we could get an easy way to adjust the bit fields in
circle it'd  be nice if it was already handled for us seeing as how it's
fairly easy to use up 32 bits when you start seriously modifying the


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