Re: illusion spells

From: Yura Ushakhow (
Date: 04/12/02

- Mobiles resembling the caster 1:1 so that you don't know whom to
  backstab. (Common spell.)
- Illusionist casts a spell which shows to the victim his/her health
  is near at end and they are bleeding...
- Create an illusion of one of the logged on players in a victim's
  PK-range and make the victim believe she is attacked by the
  illusion. Or is going to... Say, the victim sees the usual text
  of commenced battle but in a couple seconds it is gone.
- Casted on a room/item/char, -- a spell which mixes up exits or
  even items/chars. In cast the victim is a character...  The victim
  sees mixed up exits, or fake exits. Sees false objects, false
  mobiles.  If casted on an item, the item changes its look for a
  time.  Casted on room--I shan't continue, shall I?
- A spell which makes a victim believe they have a large amount
  of gold...

A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g ;)  But it would some strain for realisation.

Edward J Glamkowski wrote:
> I'm looking for ideas for illusion spells (no, not code, just ideas).
> Anyways, any other suggestions and ideas would be appreciated.

Yura Ushakhow <>
Moscow, Russia

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