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From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 04/13/02

On 02-04-12 18.14, "Edward J Glamkowski" <eglamkowski@ANGELFIRE.COM> wrote:

> I'm looking for ideas for illusion spells (no, not code, just ideas).
> For example, I thought it would be cool to let the caster enter in
> text for a room or object description which would be displayed in
> place of the existing description unless the viewer makes a
> intelligence check or tries to disbelieve.  This is obviuosly
> subject to hideous abuse if not carefully monitored...
> Maybe I could just make the illusionist class a restricted one? :)

If you instead require all your players to supply proper character
backgrounds you should be pretty ok as far as abuse goes.  For instance, you
could perhaps add a struct to the room, illusion_data, in which you store
their ID, duration, time left, the level of illusion, and the text they have
submitted.  This text will then be shown at the bottom of the page, which
would make it easy for other players to recognize the illusion based on the
carriage return.

If you have taken a look at the room parser on the FTP site, you will find a
lot of interesting ideas there, along with a wrapper, that you can set to
wrap those kinds of descriptions so the carriage return is eliminated.

To having it in the actual description is a very very very bad thing.  You
could of course use the parser and add a place holder string in every
description, and replace that with the illusion text whenever someone has
cast an illusion, but that wouldn't be very processor friendly.

Actual abuse of this will only be temporary anyway, you make a function that
goes through all rooms flagged with the room flag ILLUSION, and check the
duration of the spell, then if it is over, you remove the text.  Usage
should of course be logged so you can back-monitor it later and take
necessary action against those that still abuse it.

Perhaps not the most practical solution, but nevertheless, a bunch of ideas
someone might find useful.

Kind Regards,

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