[ADV...maybe]OLC list commands ???

From: The Petersons (sjpeter@swbell.net)
Date: 04/21/02

Hi I just recently installed a pre patched version of circle with BPL 19, Oasis v. 2.0.1 and DG scripts patched in. I have a problem with the redit save command and the list commands (i.e. zlist, mlist, olist, rlist) first before I do anything I want to fix the list commands so if anyone has debugged this type of ... bug then please help me out and reply to this message.

Also for my redit save command which doesnt bother me unless there is a crash since it automatically saves the right stuff when I or the builder exits. Anyway when I type for instance redit save 30 it says saved rooms in zone 0 well im trying to save the rooms in zone 30 and it also messes up zone 0 so I have to fix it everytime I try and startup my mud if I shut it down and tried to redit save 30 when the mud was up. So if anyone has debugged the redit save <zone #> problem please reply to this message.

Thank you in advance if you replied to this message

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