Patch 21 & Strings

From: David Endre (
Date: 04/22/02

I think it would be helpful to people converting to patch 21, if someone
came up with some basic guidelines on what string functions have been
changed and what action needs to be taken...along with noting some of the
exceptions. Plus any additional tips on strings in general.

For example:
1. Change instances of str_dup to strdup. The only time you should use
str_dup is xxxxxxx. Strdup is better to use because it xxxxxxxx.
2. Adjust instances of sprintf to send_to_char or write_to_output, except
for xxxxx, or when xxxxxx. Sprintf is no longer needed because xxxxxx. It
is ok to use Sprintf if xxxxxx.
3. Etc....

I know that I would like to have a better understanding of what I am
changing and what to look for. I spent 3 days hand patching, and made
similar changes to my non-stock code, but I would like to review the
non-stock code and make sure that I am using strings in an efficent manner.

Any gurus out there willing to shed a little light and help us use strings

P.S. Maybe there should be a note on the ftp site saying that none of these
patches will work in patchlevel 21, unless specifically noted...since this
was such a major change?

Thanks for your time,

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