Re: [newbie] AC

From: Kras Kresh (
Date: 04/27/02

>From: SoulReaper Is here <death_comes_to_all@HOTMAIL.COM>
>Subject: [CIRCLE] [newbie] AC
>Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 19:48:19 +0200
>i changed the max ac in fight.c from -100 to -500
>but i get syserr: mob using '<<<<vict>>>->player_specials->saved.pref>
>and i suspect it's from the change of the max ac..
>can anyone help me with this matter? i want the max ac at -500

Your problem is not the max ac. It is whever your SYSERR tells you it is. Go
to the line that it tells you that the error is and put:
IS_NPC(vict) &&
in the if statement. Well, I guessing that you're using
if (PRF_FLAGGED(vict, PRF_BLAH)) do this;
you must first make sure vict is not a mob since mobs dont use PRF flags,
but they use MOB flags.

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