Re: height and weight

From: David Cole (
Date: 04/29/02

> Height is in centimeters but weight is in pounds?!?
> That'd be extremely heavy for a human if kilograms - 120 kg minimum
> equals 260 lbs?!  Wow... :p

Actually if you take into affect, the real idea of an adventurer. Would you
like to see a 120 lb warrior roaming the plains in search of a battle? Once
he put his weight behind his shield and tried to bash something/someone he
would fail miserably. I've always though of it in terms of muscle mass. 260
lb being muscle, not fat, unless there a cleric type then they just round
and pleasant I suppose.

But then again you can also write something to give warrior more mass and
other classes less. I've written something like this, and if you'd like to
see/have it just email me personally. :)


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