[AD] admins and coders needed

From: ben heise (sten2u@juno.com)
Date: 04/29/02

I *slap self* have of course started building a mud. looks great so far.
but I need admins and coding help for all my ideas. as soon as my house
is wired for DSL, it'll be on the web (8 to 10 days till DSL [ i'm hoping

I am a newbie to MUD's in general (6 months experience) but I am enjoying
the whole scene. at first I thought about doing a " normal " mud,
elves,men,dwarves,orcs, etc. but what I am basing it on now, is ancient
Rome, at the height of its power. Rome being the central power, with
german and gaul barbarians, etc. I need help with subraces,subclasses,
and transportation.

a few of my ideas are as follows:
Rome being the central power, has its powerful legions (warriors),
archers, and light mounted calvary. ( I am also thinking of some sort of
mounted archer class )

Germany, with its hordes, will be mostly warriors and calvary, with
lesser specialtys for the calvary (the romans are pretty much gonna be
the kickbutt people)
the Gauls, will pretty much be the same, only these will have the options
for archers and mounted archers (more shooters and such)

also, if I can get help with coding all this, maybe code an island and
have some fighting Irish raiders. *grin*

I'll end this so I stop rambling.

any suggestions, tips, patches for any of this or anything you think will
help, offers for help, advise, or coffee will be appreciated. *smile*



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