Re: Unsolved Mysterious Crashes

From: krenshala (
Date: 04/29/02

On Tue, Apr 30, 2002 at 12:57:48AM +0000, Zizazat Lazuras was heard to say:

> >Being that there is no core dump or log, I am thinking
> >someone might be killing your program...are you running it
> >on a server that you don't own?
> That is also what I was thinking. (Or server reboot, depending on if you
> connect locally at all you might not ever notice that either).
> Also, the ulimit is set to allow core files to be created right?

Using the latest version of Circle, I rebooted by slackware box without
shutting down the mud and it logged that it got a SIGTERM (actually, it
claimed it had received one of three different SIGs that I don't remember
off hand) so if the process was killed it should have logged that, unless
a kill -9 was used.


Larry Robinson

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