Re: Unsolved Mysterious Crashes

From: Jason Yarber (JasonYarber@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 04/30/02

I've checked with everyone who has access to the shell(there's only 3 of
em) and none of them are killing the mud or using 'kill -9' The problem has
to be within the mud.  I have noticed, however, that it is only happening
when someone is logged on.  If there's no one logged into the mud, it
doesn't crash.  But if there is someone logged on, it will eventually crash
after a random period of time.  I've logged on by myself for 4 hours before
it crashed, and I never typed anything short of 'look' and 'who'.  I know
it's crashing, and I'm not just going linkdead, because it's writing to the
syslog.CRASH file.  But even looking through that file, doesn't show any
errors at all.  The only changes i've made recently are to the exp tables,
and I've added a new specproc, but that isn't assigned atm(because I
commented out the assignment, thinking that was the problem)  I've looked
through my code changes a hundred times, and haven't seen errors of any
type.  It's just real baffling.

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