[Newbie] OLC Saving problem

From: Jason Yarber (JasonYarber@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 04/30/02

I have circle3.0bpl17 with OasisOLC and Aedit.  My problem lies in saving
OLC.  I've checked the archives to see if anyone had a similar problem, but
I haven't been able to find anything to help.  Let's say you create a room
with the vnum of 1207.  After editing it, you would type 'redit save 12' to
save all room changes in that zone.  Well that's where it's going wrong.  I
type 'redit save 12' and it says it's saving room information for zone 0.
I type olc, and it shows that zone 12 still has room information needing to
be changed. I have the saveall command added in so that i can
type 'saveall' to save every change that's been done.  I type 'saveall',
then type 'olc' and it shows that all the world files are up to date.  Now,
to check it, I reboot the mud by using the command 'shutdown reboot'.  Once
the mud comes back up, I check to see if the new room is there, and it
isn't.  This bug is also affecting oedit, medit, and zedit.  If you have
any suggestions or patches, that would be a great help.


I'm probably looking at the problem, just can't see it.

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