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Date: 04/30/02

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> I have circle3.0bpl17 with OasisOLC and Aedit.  My problem lies in saving
> OLC.  I've checked the archives to see if anyone had a similar problem,
> I haven't been able to find anything to help.  Let's say you create a room
> with the vnum of 1207.  After editing it, you would type 'redit save 12'
> save all room changes in that zone.  Well that's where it's going wrong.
> type 'redit save 12' and it says it's saving room information for zone 0.
> I type olc, and it shows that zone 12 still has room information needing
> be changed. I have the saveall command added in so that i can
> type 'saveall' to save every change that's been done.  I type 'saveall',
> then type 'olc' and it shows that all the world files are up to date.
> to check it, I reboot the mud by using the command 'shutdown reboot'.
> the mud comes back up, I check to see if the new room is there, and it
> isn't.  This bug is also affecting oedit, medit, and zedit.  If you have
> any suggestions or patches, that would be a great help.
I've had the same problem. I found typing 'redit save 1200' works. (just add
the two zeros onto the zone number)

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