Prbolem with DG-scripts saving out

From: Scott Meisenholder (
Date: 05/03/02

I have just installed 64 bit vectors in my mud thought i had fixed all the
little problems til this one. Saving out internal DG_Scripts.
trigedit 12000  is the trig # just editing the script, then saving when it
asks do you wan to save. crashes imeditiatly. I gdb the code and came up
with crash at dg_olc.c 630 investigated it and found it
was crashing on a string out of bounds so i changed the length of the
string no affect. so here is my backtrace if someone can point out
something i have not tried.
#0  sprintbits (vektor = 13834938208514737153, outstring=0x2ee0 out of
bounds>) at /usr/include/bits/string2.h:421
#1  0x8096bec in trigedit_Save (d=0x835fad8) at dg_olc.c 605

not sure if anyone needs more. Hope someone can help.


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