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From: Henrik Stuart (
Date: 05/03/02


> I'd also like to state my preference that the documentation in the
> docs directory be reverted to the simple text format.
> Not that I don't appreciate the work and effort in converting it to
> latex, nor the quality of the appearce of a pdf file (especially if
> printing the docs), but it is a pain to update with my own changes to
> the mud.

Write some LaTeX? :o)
Ok, I know LaTeX is a pain to write in until you've finally spent the
dreaded thousands of hours to learn all the itsy bitsy tiny weenie dirty
tricks to make it do what you want. Since you don't mind it, I'm sure you
won't mind doing a bit of legwork yourself and... convert them to text-files
yourself? :o)
In other words: use pdftotext (it is part of the xpdf distribution which is
obtainable from It works wonderfully.
Other than that you could convert it to HTML, XML, PostScript or any number
of other strange formats that language translaters have been created for.

> I suppose most imps never bother updating the docs as they go, but
> I always do.  And I much prefer the speed and simplicity of updating
> a text doc rather then a latex doc.

Comments and manuals... people actually read those? :o)

Yours truly,
  Henrik Stuart (

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