From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 05/04/02

I grabbed the stars snippet off of Vedic's website, but was rather
annoyed at having to wait for night to check it out, so I imp'ed a
little settime function for LVL_IMPL chars.  Quite trivial:

        char arg[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH];
        int new_time = 0;

        one_argument(argument, arg);

        new_time = atoi(arg);
        if (new_time < 0 || new_time > 23) {
                send_to_char(ch, "Invalid time!  Must be between 0 and 23.\r\n");

        time_info.hours = new_time;

        send_to_char(ch, "Time set to %d.\r\n", new_time);

I actually separated out the switch statement of the sun
rising/setting text from another_hour() (weather.c) into a separate
function and called it from do_settime as well, but since that's
not stock to have that as a separate function I leave it as an
excerise for the reader :)

Note this also assumes you haven't changed the number of hours in
a mud day :p

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