[newbie] need some further help with multihit

From: SoulReaper Is here (death_comes_to_all@hotmail.com)
Date: 05/04/02

I have successfully implemented multihit and it works, but i get syserr: mob
using '<<ch>->player_specials->saved.skills[141]> at fight.c:943 ...
i have checked it out and put a !IS_NPC || in the line
if (!IS_NPC(ch) || GET_SKILL(ch, SKILL_SECOND_ATTACK) >= number(1, 101)) {
but I still get the same error.. does anyone know how to do?

and another thing.. if i want to add fourth and fifth and even sixth attack,
how do i do? do i copy and paste the existing attacks and put the apr++ at
the last attack skill?


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