Re: Auto-deps?

From: David Endre (
Date: 05/07/02

On Tue, 7 May 2002, George Greer wrote:

>>gmake, so we can include it and autoregen it automatically if it is, else
>>regen on 'make depend'

>I did that for the OasisOLC patch but won't yet put that in the stock

I tried the autogenerated depend file thing when I installed the most
recent version of OasisOLC and I had a minor problem. We use RCS on a linux
box, setup as follows...

You have the src directory, and then within the src directory is another
called RCS. Typically when I did a make, it would checkout all the required
files from RCS, and compile fine. However, when I created the depend file
and tried to make with that type of setup, I couldn't get it to check out
the header files. It would checkout the .c files and then error out saying
it couldn't find xxxx.h. Was I doing something wrong or is this a
limitation of the depend setup? Any thoughts are appreciated.


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