Re: Auto-deps?

From: George Greer (
Date: 05/07/02

On Tue, 7 May 2002, David Endre wrote:

>You have the src directory, and then within the src directory is another
>called RCS. Typically when I did a make, it would checkout all the
>required files from RCS, and compile fine. However, when I created the
>depend file and tried to make with that type of setup, I couldn't get it
>to check out the header files. It would checkout the .c files and then
>error out saying it couldn't find xxxx.h. Was I doing something wrong or
>is this a limitation of the depend setup? Any thoughts are appreciated.

I never tested it with auto-checkout RCS, nor do we use that setup, so
you're on your own there.  The depend step requires all the .c files to
exist so it can run 'gcc' on them to find the headers.

George Greer

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