NEWBIE: Patch OasisOLC for CircleMUD bpl21

From: Patrik Forsberg (
Date: 05/08/02


I'm new to the list and frankly I haven't had the time to search throw the
archives so.. here is .. perhaps a dumb question..

I checked out the ftp for OasisOLC for CircleMud 3.0bpl21 but could find none.
So I downloaded the latest there were (OasisOLC2.0.1bpl19) and patched bpl21
with it.. and ofcourse I got alot of rejections and stuff and alot of code seem
to have changed from bpl19 to bpl21 .. so I recoded the bits and peaces I
could and made a new OasisOLC2.0.1bpl21 insted which seem to work. I've not
made a very deep test of it yet.. but I did create a new zone and made a room
in it with a object and a mob .. and that seem to work good even after a
reboot. I also added the saveall command by Cathy Gore .. its not part of the
Oasis package.. but its a good-thing(tm).

So now the question.. I'm NOT the coder of Oasis (you all know that!) so who
do I contact to spread this patch ? and, ofcourse, is there already one that I
have missed ?

I dont mean to step on anyones toes on this so please dont flame me about it..
I only mean to make it easier for other circlemud admins to use the OasisOLC
system on the latest CircleMud 3.0 Patchlevel.

Sorry for my bad langage .. I'm only a poor Swede...

Sincerily Yours,

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