Re: NEWBIE: Patch OasisOLC for CircleMUD bpl21

From: Karl B Buchner (
Date: 05/08/02

> I'm new to the list and frankly I haven't had the time to search
> throw the archives so.. here is .. perhaps a dumb question..
With this intro, I assumed this would be a question like "How do
I patch on windows?" or "Will somebody make a patch for bpl21?"
How suprised I was.

> I recoded the bits and peaces I could and made a new
> OasisOLC2.0.1bpl21 insted which seem to work.
Good job.  You seem pretty well on your way to being a circlemud
expert.  A lot of newbies on the list have a tendancy to start spamming
the list before even looking at the code.

> so who do I contact to spread this patch ? and, ofcourse, is there
> one that I
> have missed ?
I think bpl19 is the most recent version of OLC ( I could be wrong)
I would suggest contributing it as a bpl21 + OLC server (contrib/server
of ftp site).  However, I would suggest some more extensive testing of
all the
OLC functions before making it public.


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