Re: Cheron's Clan OLC Asc 2.0 patch

From: Welcor (
Date: 05/08/02

From: "Abraham Dizon" <soldier2003@HOTMAIL.COM>

<snip changes to do_oasis>
> The problem I have is with saving and having the - Clans display on the
> function. It says - rooms for zone 0
>                       - rooms for zone 30
> I saved those things. Its just when I typed cedit save those things appear
> in olc listing instead of - Clans. Everything else was hand patched
> correctly. IT was just these 3 things I think might be conflicting it.
> if they can be fixed better, reply back showing how to fix them. Any help
> greatly appreciated!
You need to add the clans to the save list (oasis.h, I believe), and then
display them correctly in the do_show_save_list() func.


PS. On a personal note, I think the do_oasis function might need a
'restructuring' - as it is, it's hardly readable, especially if you
add more editors (guilds/clans/help/younameit) - the code gets filled
with exceptions like the ones you put in.

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