[newbie][code] back to good/bad player ingame IDing

From: ben heise (sten2u@juno.com)
Date: 05/08/02

yes, the subject header should give all this away.

I recently requested help with this, and I am still waiting for a reply.
code, or suggestions, like where to look for this would be appreciated.

I would like to make it so to a roman, a german would appear as * a Hairy
Man *, and to the german, the roman would appear as * a Bathed Man *, or
somesuch like that.

I am currently running circle30bpl18 on mac os x, with a races patch, and
the oasisOLC patch for bpl18 applied. I have modified little of the stock
code, so all the important info should still be intact.


                Konigstein {is a Mad Implementor}
in other news,
" awake my friends! the winds of paradise are blowing! who are you that
seek paradise? "

        author: * A Grim Man *

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