Re: [newbie][code] back to good/bad player ingame IDing

From: Welcor (
Date: 05/09/02

From: "ben heise" <sten2u@JUNO.COM>
> yes, the subject header should give all this away.
> I recently requested help with this, and I am still waiting for a reply.
> code, or suggestions, like where to look for this would be appreciated.
> I would like to make it so to a roman, a german would appear as * a Hairy
> Man *, and to the german, the roman would appear as * a Bathed Man *, or
> somesuch like that.
> I am currently running circle30bpl18 on mac os x, with a races patch, and
> the oasisOLC patch for bpl18 applied. I have modified little of the stock
> code, so all the important info should still be intact.

You might want to search the archives for 'introduction', since this is what
this really is - a cloaking of the name of a person, until that person has
introduced himself. How you cloak, what you output, how the info is stored,
etc. is covered in past posts to the list. There might even be an intro
on the ftp site, though I'm not sure.


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