From: R K (rlkm4@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 05/11/02

Please pardon any negativism I may accidentally express in this post,
I've just reached a level of frustration that is WAY WAY WAY too high
with the following problem.

First off, my mud is BPL 17 + Oasis OLC 2.0 + DG Scripts.

I've tried all the "fixes" that have been posted for SEDIT on the mailing
list but I yet to have a working SEDIT. I gdb and get very strange errors
every time, everything from null pointers which shouldn't be to unknown
sources of errors. Can anyone please provide me with a definative path to
follow when patching/fixing SEDIT? I'd perfer if someone just uploaded a
working copy of genshp.c and sedit.c for Oasis 2.0 on the FTP or
something. I've got stacks of printouts where I have been hand tracing the
problem and I have failed to find it.


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