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Date: 05/12/02

On 02-05-12 08.13, "R K" <rlkm4@YAHOO.COM> wrote:

> Please pardon any negativism I may accidentally express in this post,
> I've just reached a level of frustration that is WAY WAY WAY too high
> with the following problem.
> First off, my mud is BPL 17 + Oasis OLC 2.0 + DG Scripts.
> I've tried all the "fixes" that have been posted for SEDIT on the mailing
> list but I yet to have a working SEDIT. I gdb and get very strange errors
> every time, everything from null pointers which shouldn't be to unknown
> sources of errors. Can anyone please provide me with a definative path to
> follow when patching/fixing SEDIT? I'd perfer if someone just uploaded a
> working copy of genshp.c and sedit.c for Oasis 2.0 on the FTP or
> something. I've got stacks of printouts where I have been hand tracing the
> problem and I have failed to find it.
> Rl


If you provide some of the errors and dumps here (please, do not attach a
bzillion bt full's here, instead, cut it down to the heart of the problem)
and also show us the code where the crashes occur, that would help us help
you, so to speak.  What is it that doesn't work?  When?  Please be a little
bit more specific, I had some trouble with sedit back in the day, and all it
really takes is some patience.

Kind regards,

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