Re: ACMD(do_examine) ACMD(do_look)

From: Gerald Florence (
Date: 05/13/02

On 13 May 2002, at 17:30, Andrew Ermishin wrote:

> Hi! Sorry for my english :)
> >inv
> a short sword.
> a long sword.
> > wield sword
Ok you've wielded the short sword
> inv
> a long sword.
> exam sword
> This a long sword.
> It's very good.
> >exam 2.sword
> Do not here(!!!! But this sword in equip(!))

Ok question for you, have you played in any diku derived mud?
You'd know you can only examine things that's in your inventory.
> >
> Please help me!
There's really nothing to help you with.  I'd strongly suggest you
play a few muds before working on coding or working with
circlemud.  If you don''t know of any, go to
and look there.  They have a huge listing of muds listed of all topics
and of all mud codebases.

Gerald Florence

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