Fix for pl20 + Oasis-2.0.1 + DG7a

From: Elvis Mohan (
Date: 05/13/02

Hi All,

    I don't know if this was already addressed, but
when I upgraded my Mud to bpl20 + oasis-2.0.1 + DG7a
every time I attempted to do *edit save <zone#> I got
"saving all <whatever> in zone 0".

    I toiled and toiled and came up with this fix so
that it works (if anyone is interested):

[oasis.c] - around line 193 or so

   * Find the zone.
  if (subcmd != SCMD_OASIS_AEDIT) {
-     OLC_ZNUM(d) = real_zone_by_thing(number);
+    if (save)
+      OLC_ZNUM(d) = real_zone(number);
+    else
+      OLC_ZNUM(d) = real_zone_by_thing(number);
    if (OLC_ZNUM(d) == -1) {

  When editing the mob/obj/whatever real_zone_by_thing
uses the number of whatever you wanted to edit (*edit
XXXX) to find the zone#. When attempting to save, you
input the zone# (*edit save zone#). real_zone_by_thing
does not handle this well. Now OLC_ZNUM can be set to
"number" for this to work as well, but to account for
none-the-wiser Builders I decided to let real_zone
determine what zone we want to save.

    Hope this helps someone.

Elvis Mohan
Systems Administrator
RBTT Bank Ltd.

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