From: Henrik Stuart (
Date: 05/18/02


On Saturday, May 18, 2002 6:19:23 AM Shay wrote:
> Why not fully switch to an actual database?  Say,
> MySQL?  I've done so in my Java implementation of
> Circle and have found it to be quite fast.

  One thing comes to mind right away: portability. Now, CircleMUD runs
  on  a  wide  variety  of  platforms,  you can't be certain every SQL
  server  does  so. Since there are C-compilers to just about anything
  out  there  it  makes  sense  to use parser generator tools for C to
  manage all the boring work with managing the "databases".

  As  for  picking,  say,  MySQL - that is a very bad choice since its
  standard  conformance  to  the SQL standard is very shallow; foreign
  constraints  are  only supported by one special database type in it,
  and  there are a lot of other annoying factors about it that doesn't
  really  fit this list to discuss. :o) Oracle, IBM make very good SQL
  servers,  and  if  you  want  a free one, try PostgreSQL, but again,
  their target platforms are limited.

Yours truly,
  Henrik Stuart (

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