Re: Dotmode etc.

From: Chris Vandahl (
Date: 05/17/02

> Here is a potiential side effect that just occurred to me. If you use
> the "prettier" method of "get second sword" you introduce the possiblity
> of confusion with object that use number words as keywords.
> For Example:
> You have the following item.
> Description: "Nazgul's second book of Necromancy."
> Keywords: book, necromancy, nazguls, second
> How do you handle the command "read second"? (assumming the character
> may also possess the first, third and fourth books of necromancy, which
> is why they didn't just "read book".)

Which is why "read book 2" is better.

> A better question to ask is: Is new feature X worth the time and effort
> it would take to program? The answer will vary depending on how much the
> new feature is wanted and the programmers skill. I think that given the
> original poster's question was basically "How can I remove dotmodes?" the
> variable parameter scheme you describe is probably beyond their coding
> skills. Will going from 2.sword to sword 2 really be worth the effort?

Yes. For the players I'm trying to target, it will be very much worth the
effort. I wouldn't be asking how to do it knowing full well it is most
likely very difficult and time consuming if I didn't think it was worth it.

> In any case if you, or anyone else, implement the new system, I recommend
> having it exist side by side with the dotmode method.  If you take it out
> completely, I garauntee it won't be long before you get some players
> "How come 'wear 2.pants' doesn't work anymore?"

I'm not targetting 'Circle' users. I'm targetting a very specific audience
that is used to a certain method. I'm trying to emulate that as much as
possible. This is all beside the fact that -I- utterly detest the dot
method. If people have a problem with typing "get sword 2" instead of "get
2.sword" then... too bad. I personally think the dot system is pretty lame.
This is all very much beside the point, however. I need valid ideas on how
to approach this problem.


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